Question: Plant vaettir and how to contact vaettir?

How do Vaettir… work? Are they just an all around sort of thing, or is it like dryads/nymphs? Does every plant have a vaettir/spirit? etc? I suppose I just want to make sure… and what would you say the easiest way to contact/ask what the Vaettir want would be? Thanks very much.
Dear uncomfortablylongmelisma,

I answered part of your question the other day on the general What Are Vaettir post.

For the rest: it seems like plant species do have associated spirits with them, both individually and also a sort of ancestral/guardian spirit. What the ancestral spirit is called varies by plant, but often includes Mother, Father, Lord, or Lady somewhere in the name. (More well-known examples include hyldemoer and askafroa, who I’ll cover in separate vaettir posts. They’re the guardians of elder trees and ash trees, respectively.)

The easiest way I know of for communicating with landvaettir or plant vaettir is just to go outside, sit down somewhere where you’re not going to be disturbed (or right next to the plant in question), and go into trance if you are able to do so. Failing that, simply speaking aloud and asking your questions, then waiting to “hear” a response that will probably be more gut-feeling and images than words, or doing simple divination to try to make out the reply. Lithomancy works very well for simple yes/no questions, and it’s easy enough to find rocks while wandering around outside.

If you’re wanting to make friends, regularly offering bits of food and drink, providing water and food for the local wildlife, cleaning up litter and removing invasive species that are killing off native flora… all good ideas.


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