Question: Does Loki have ties to the lungs or chest?

Do you know if Loki might have any ties to the lungs/chest?

Dear plastic-milk,

Loki has ties to the heart and, depending on how you’re translating words and if you adhere to the theory that Loki and Loðurr are the same being, also has ties to blood.

He’s also called Loptr (which generally gets translated as “airy one”) and is associated with air. It should be noted, however, that Odin is far more closely associated with the lungs due to his association with galdr (ein sköpuðr galdra, faðr galdr, galdraföðr) and his gift of önd, which has a sort of double-meaning of both breath and soul.

Question: How well does Druidry mesh with Norse religion? What about Loki?

How well does Druidry mesh with Norse faiths? I ask because I am Irish by heritage (a few other things too, but always felt closest to the Irish side), and I have always been pulled to Irish and Celtic things. I am druidic. However I also feel a very strong love of the Norse culture, faiths, and gods. Particularly Loki, whom I have grown to love more than any other god. Do you think Loki can fit into a Druidic and Celtic faith, and if so, how? And how would Heathen values mesh with Druid ones?
Dear anon,

In all honesty, I’m not well-versed enough in Celtic cultures to be able to give concrete examples of how to do this. I’ve always been struck by how much overlap the Celtic and Germanic peoples had, and there was a lot of interaction between them, particularly in certain areas (Ireland, the Rhine valley, etc). I know that there are people out there who mix the two. I know ADF does have Druidry mixed with Norse stuff in some places. Loki also doesn’t tend to stick to just a Norse framework and he does go bother people following entirely different religions.

I’d honestly go ask around in the ADF forums and such to see if you can find other person with experience mixing the two, or well-educated ideas about how to do it. You’d probably also be interested in this book if you can get it.

Question: Are there taboos regarding the animals associated with Loki?

My second question: If Loki is associated with foxes and spiders, is it abhorrent to kill spiders and possess fox pelts? Thanks again.
Dear firewalkewithme,

Not at all. I know quite a few arachnaphobic Lokeans, and some of them can’t deal with spiders at all. They kill them and apologize afterwards. Fox pelts are fine (although, I should hope, ethically obtained). Loki is also associated with fleas and salmon, but no one seems much bothered about killing fleas to keep them from infesting the home, and I also know of several Lokeans who eat salmon as a sort of devotional meal.

I’d really like to approach Loki and ive read your tags! But do you think its possible to be turned away from the One you’d chosen to approach? I feel like the kind of person I am is not a follower He’d want- not that I go around committing crimes.

Dear Anon,

You can get turned away. Gods aren’t required to take everyone that approaches them, any more than you’re required to become close friends with everyone that says hello to you. That said, I don’t think it’s possible to say ahead of time “this sort of person will not be a follower that God X will want”. 

Give it a try. It’s not the end of the world if a God says no or steers you to someone else.

Question: Is it possible to build a good relationship with a Deity if you don’t feel you’ve been called?

Is it possible to build up a good relationship with Loki if you didn’t feel that sort of yank toward him I’ve seen people describe? I’m fascinated with him and would love to work with him, but my godphone tends to be patchy, I’m not entirely sure if I’m being called and I don’t want him to feel like “This is not one of the humans I asked for.” (So sorry if this has been answered already, but searching google/tag cloud didn’t turn up quite what I was wondering.)
Dear Anon,

It’s completely possible, and not just with Loki. You don’t have to be called. Just try to start up the relationship – talk to the Deity you want to approach and express a desire to build a devotee relationship with them, try giving some offerings to start the gifting cycle, etc.

You may be interested in these two posts.

Question: I’m interested in poetry and spádom, but Odin intimidates me. What should I do?

i’ve always been drawn to odin, as a poet and aspiring spækona, but i’m a little afraid to approach him and work with him. he is the Furious after all… i guess what i’m asking is, would serving him as my patron be rewarding enough for me to suck up my fears and go for it? or should i try to connect with a, say, friendlier god?

Dear Anon,

Odinspeople get a great deal of variety. He’s gentler with some people than others. Some people get put through the crucible and learn why one of his Heiti is Ygg, the Terrible. It’s worth considering Odin as a whole, not the just the aspects you’re interested in. Mad ecstacy, warfare, strife, magic, the dead, they’re all part of the package. It’s scattered all over the eddas and sagas that Odin betrays and is not to be trusted because he works towards his own ends or that of a bigger picture and will not always act in accordance with what you want, what you agreed upon, or what you think you deserve.

It’s also worth considering just how demanding he has been of himself. If he doesn’t flinch to hang himself or rip out an eye in pursuit of his goals, he’s going to have aggressive expectations of his devotees. I don’t say this to try to scare you off, but to have you think carefully about what you want and what you’re prepared for.

You aren’t limited to Odin if you’re interested in poetry or spádom. Bragi is also a God of poets and music, and I’ve written before about Loki having ties to creativity. (There are quite a few devotees who are artists or, like myself, writers.) Frigga is renowned for being able to see into the future and would be good to build a relationship with for spádom, as are Freyja, Frau Holda, the Norns, Mimir, Heimdall (I’d argue) and, if you’re comfortable with it, Angrboða or Gullveig.

Pregunta: ¿Necesito estar involucrada en la religion pagana para comunicar con Loki? / Do I have to be involved with a Pagan religion to talk to Loki?

Hola! Puedes responderme en inglés.Ultimamente me he interesado por la mitologia nordica Y la verdad es que me siento atraida por la personalidad de Loki.He sentido por mucho tiempo que necesito entrar en contacto con mi lado espiritual y me gustaria intentar “comunicarme” con Loki. Mi pregunta es ¿necesito estar involucrada en la religion pagana de alguna manera o puedo comenzar por Loki intentando simplemente hablarle? No tengo conomientos de tarot ni runas tampoco. Muchas gracias.

Hola Anon,

Usted no necesita ser un pagano para interactuar con Loki. Él no se queda dentro de los límites de ninguna religión. Si usted comienza a tratar de comunicarse con Loki o darle ofrendas, probablemente responderá. No importa si el método no coincide con lo que los paganos suelen hacer. Tengo algunas páginas útiles en offerings, communication y omens. (Puede usar el traductor de Google en esas páginas.)

Si necesita más ayuda o ideas, por favor envíame otra pregunta.

(You don’t need to be a pagan to interact with Loki. He doesn’t stay within the boundaries of any one religion. If you start trying to communicate with Loki or try giving him offerings, he will probably respond. It does not matter if the method doesn’t match what Heathens usually do. I have some helpful pages in offerings, communication, and omens.

If you need more help or ideas, please send me another question!)